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The Best Way to Adjust Your New Stationary Bike for Maximum Results

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As the world still grapples with the effects of COVID-19, many people are gradually turning their apartment homes into their own personal fitness studios, complete with dumbbells, yoga mats, and maybe even a stationary bicycle. Stationary bikes offer riders a great way to get their heart rate up, rev metabolism, and drop excess pounds. Plus, stationary bikes are a fantastic option for those who need a low-impact way to exercise.

If you brought home a new stationary bike over the holidays, or are considering buying one in the near future, check out these adjustment tips, which will help you get the most out of your workout.

Adjusting Seat Height

When using your stationary bike, you should never be so high off the ground that you can’t comfortably pedal. You should also be able to pedal without having to fully extend your leg and point your toes to reach full extension. To reposition your seat’s height, sit on the seat and place the balls of your feet on the pedals. When your front leg is fully extended, you should notice a slight bend (approximately 5 to 10 degrees) in your knees.

Adjusting the Handlebars

If your bike’s handlebars aren’t in the correct position, you may notice neck, shoulder, back, and hand pain when using your bike. On the flip side, a proper reach will help you to comfortably use all positions on the handlebars and comfortably bend your arms at the elbows while riding. One rule of thumb is to ensure that the handlebars obscure the front wheel axle when in position. However, this is not a hard and fast rule! Play with other settings, like the handlebars’ width and height, to find the best fit for you.

Adjusting the Pedal Clips or Straps

Depending on what type of stationary bike you own, your bike may have clips or straps. Clips are often seen in spin bikes and allow cyclists who wear cycling shoes and cleats to align their feet in the pedals. Get in position on the bike and ensure that your cleats are “clipped” incorrectly and provide a secure fit. If you don’t have a spin bike, your bike likely has straps designed to hold your feet in place. Adjust these straps so that there is a little space between the top of your shoe and the strap.

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