How to Treat and Prevent These Common Winter Beauty Problems

Have you ever noticed that, when the temperatures drop, certain skin and beauty issues tend to flare up? We’re looking at you, flyaway hair, rough elbows, and flaky skin. Though you can rest assured that there’s nothing wrong with experiencing these issues annually, there is still a way to prevent and treat each of these unique issues. Read on to learn how!

Flyaway Hair

How to treat: Flyaway hair is usually a result of cold temperatures, wind, and excessive combing, all of which combine to create a buildup of negative ions on the hair shaft. The result? Staticky flyaways. Treat them at home with a simple fix: spraying a hairbrush with Static Guard and combing it through the hair.
How to prevent: Don’t skimp on the shampooing and conditioning! After using a mild shampoo, follow up with a conditioner. No matter what type you use, you’ll be able to repel negative ions with conditioner, which, in turn, helps eliminate flyaways.

Rough Elbows

How to treat: No mystery here – it’s common for skin to lose hydration during the colder months, especially on areas that are already rough, like your knees or elbows. To treat, slather your elbows with a hydrating body cream twice a day. You can also add a layer of petroleum jelly to lock in the moisture.

How to prevent: Keep up with your moisturizing routine to prevent rough skin, on your elbows or otherwise. Dermatologists recommend that you begin moisturizing as early into the season as possible, and be mindful of when you moisturize. Experts agree that the best time is immediately after showering.

Flaky Skin

How to treat: It’s never fun to wake up to a face full of dry, flaky skin. Luckily, the root cause is simple: simple dehydration and mild irritation. To treat it, stop the use of any anti-aging or treatment products, or products with fragrance or oils. Instead, use a thick, bland, unscented moisturizer and gentle cleanser.

How to prevent: Swapping out your skincare products when temperatures start to drop is a smart move. So is avoiding the use of skin care products containing alcohol, which can dry out your skin, yet is commonly found in many astringents and treatment products.

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