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Camp Out Under the Stars, While You Enjoy Electronica Music During Raggamuffin Garden

Sound system culture has influenced many genres of music all around the globe. King Remo Sound System is excited to present a night of sound system culture at the festival Raggamuffin Garden on Saturday! Come out for a unique, family-friendly festival at Roszell Gardens on November 2nd.

Raggamuffin Garden is the biggest sound system event in San Antonio, featuring music, camping, yoga, live painting, and art. The festival will be headlined by 6blocc, one of the champions of dubstep, jungle, reggae, DnB, and footwork in the U.S.

Renowned the world over, the prolific producer and performer have been active on the touring circuit for decades, performing worldwide in Russia, Europe, Japan, Canada, Mexico and more. He has released a multitude of work, including 14 vinyl records and many digital albums. San Antonio's own DJ Rubix, J. Spockey, and DJ Nuclear Assault bring footwork, dub, and DnB into the mix. Austin-based Lionway Sound and Dangerous Sound will make their way south to round out the music.

Camping is available on the grounds for those who would like to enjoy the night at Rozelle Gardens. There are ample primitive camping sites available. There are bathrooms available for our campers throughout the night. No showers or RV hookups available.

King Remo Sound System is a sound system collective hailing from San Antonio. King Remo Sound System aims to promote reggae music in its original form, as propagated in the communities of Jamaica and the Jamaican diaspora from the inception of the sound system culture.

Listen to the latest sounds from King Remo Sound System at the Raggamuffin Garden festival! Tickets start at $10 and are available online at www.eventbrite.com.

When the best events in town take place, Westmount at Three Fountains Apartments in San Antonio, Texas is there to keep you updated. So, why not make this event as an opportunity to head out for a great time with your favorite neighbors?

Event Time/Date:
Saturday, November 2, 2019—12:00 PM

Event Venue Location:
Roszell Gardens
7561 East Evans Road
San Antonio, Texas 78266

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